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Creating effectiveness!

Skytec's recent travels also took us back to Christchurch where we were asked to present to Christchurch City Council. This presentation came in the wake of Skytec's work on Wood's Mill (Addington Mill) in Addington, Christchurch.

Wood's Mill has demonstrated how a set of complex characteristics including building condition (currently earthquake damaged), a variety of landowners and a nationally significant level of heritage can be provided for - and not at the expense of heritage value.

We showed some footage mapping of the natural disaster in Sendai, Japan (Tohoku Earthquake, 2011) to illustrate event progression and the Japanese community's response to it. We also showed the similarities to Christchurch's own experience and how Skytec's approach can assist in improving a community's resilience.

The forum discussion centered around how a preventative approach for heritage buildings (as well as commercial/residential buildings) can have positive effects on the level of risk relating to natural disasters.