Our People

Skytec is a boutique consultancy practice made up of skilled and experienced engineers and advisors, we have the package deal when it comes to addressing the needs of our clients.

Need a job well done - we come to you! We work across New Zealand and worldwide. Skytec are involved with a range of communities and stakeholders who live with natural disasters, to improve their resiliency and approach to managing risk. We own all our specialised gear and are completely mobile. Our innovative and sustainability focused services are strategic/ideal fit for any challenges you may have.

Skytec was officially registered in November 2009 by Director Bernard Toh. Bernard is a senior structural & geotechnical engineer with more than 23 years' professional experience. He has worked in countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and New Zealand.


Bernard has been actively involved with advising and helping government agencies and councils in carrying out assessments of seismic performance of buildings throughout New Zealand and in Indonesia under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


Within New Zealand, Bernard has been involved in prestigious projects like seismic design of defence buildings in Ohakea Airbase, seismic strengthening of the Wellington Town Hall and other heritage buildings. With this experience, he can work with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. His current passion is to help cities of the world build resilience against disasters caused by floods, earthquakes and tsunamis. 

Our Strength

With our size, we are able to respond quickly and more effectively to our clients and we have proven this with our existing clients.  The quick turnaround time is also achieved in projects undertaken by Skytec by doing the work ourselves and not relying on third parties, which often times slow a project down due to their own commitments.  When you talk to Skytec, you talk to the people who

do the work.


Our Strategic Intent

Through excellence in innovation, research and design, Skytec is committed to helping communities better prepare for, manage and survive natural disasters. We are committed to finding and implementing best practice in terms of engineering technique and its application to long term resiliency.

Sktyec Sustainability Policy - Summary

Skytec's sustainability policy is our commitment to making a difference:

Our people are our life-blood

Achieving sustainability in a wider context means being open to creativity and innovation, being adaptable to changing circumstances and supporting our team throughout the process.

We are responsible for firstly avoiding and then mitigating the impacts our business has on the environment

We actively find ways to improve our resource efficiency when working in-house and travelling for clients.

We know our approach matters - so each project and each community counts

The sustainability policy is an initial key step and commitment from Skytec to further develop its approach to sustainability within its business operations.